Bypassing Windows Defender to gain local system access

Up until recently there has always been an easy approach for demoing the reason to have a form of disk encryption to protect the integrity of not only your data but also the operating system from being tempered with. For ages now, Microsoft Windows contained executable files that could be launched before a user logged … Continue reading Bypassing Windows Defender to gain local system access

A Practical Guide In Using AutomatedLab

For security testing purposes I always use a virtual machine as I don’t want the result of my test to influence my local machine or the network that I’m connected to. As such for a long time I’ve been building VM’s manually, creating domains and setting the configuration as needed. As I do advocate automation … Continue reading A Practical Guide In Using AutomatedLab

VMWare vSphere 6.7 Key Management with HyTrust KeyControl

Recently I’ve changed jobs and joined a smaller company in the vicinity of my home. Still doing security stuff of course, but now with a focus on infrastructure again. As I soon discovered the company uses VMWare for it’s virtualization, which is great but a change for me personally. Having been a Hyper-V user for … Continue reading VMWare vSphere 6.7 Key Management with HyTrust KeyControl

Managing sudo using Active Directory

In my previous post I explained how you could, in just a few steps, join an Ubuntu machine into an Active Directory domain. After a lot of online and offline feedback (Thanks everyone!) I thought it would be time for a follow-up post. This time I’m addressing centralized management of sudo users. Meaning who can … Continue reading Managing sudo using Active Directory

Join Ubuntu 18.04 to Active Directory

At work, we are building a data ingress environment for analytical purposes. The setup will include both Windows and Linux based machines for managing the infrastructure and data processing. One of my tasks (next to the usual security hardening) was to investigate how we could add the Linux based nodes to the Windows Active Directory … Continue reading Join Ubuntu 18.04 to Active Directory

PowerShell Module Test-TCPConnection

I have this love versus disappointment relationship with PowerShell. It can provide a lot of great stuff for us in automation, but sometimes the thing that looks likes the best ever since sliced bread can be a bit of a disappointment. Take the cmdlet “Test-NetConnection” for example. It’s absolutely wonderful in what it does. It … Continue reading PowerShell Module Test-TCPConnection

Replacing DiskPart with PowerShell

In my previous life, I was a deployment person. MDT, WDS, WinPE & bare-metal installation were all part of my life. For managing disks, physical or virtual I always used “diskpart.exe” to create the disk layout, create bootable partitions and everything surrounding the magic of disks and partitions. Since I am trying to do as … Continue reading Replacing DiskPart with PowerShell

Using Credential Manager in PowerShell

Using PowerShell remoting can be a fantastic experience, but the number of  times I had to enter credentials to make a new pssession is getting out of hand, or to put it better a painful hand. Wouldn't it be great if you could store the credentials somewhere safe and retrieve it when necessary? Fortunately, you can! … Continue reading Using Credential Manager in PowerShell