Custom RDP Certificate on Windows Server 2012 R2

Ever since Windows 2012 the Remote Desktop host tool has been removed from the system, making it more difficult to set a custom certificate. When you’re in a domain context it’s more likely that you will use GPO’s and domain related tools to configure your system, but in my work environment I deal with stand-alone systems, making it a bit harder to manage. During one of my security scans with our vulnerability tool it started complaining about self-signed certificates. Simply removing the certificates from the local computer store and using WMI to update the system is fairly easy, but after doing the same trick twice, it gets annoying so I decided to write a PowerShell script to handle the task of setting the correct certificate.

My script has a couple of parameters that you can use:

Set-RDPCertificate.ps1 -Hash <string> [-Delete] [-Terminalname <string>] [<CommonParameters>]
Set-RDPCertificate.ps1 -listCerts [<CommonParameters>]
Set-RDPCertificate.ps1 -ListCurrent [<CommonParameters>]

  • Hash: This is the default input parameter, expects a 40 character string value
  • Delete: Delete the current certificate from the local store after setting the provided hash value.
  • Terminalname: If you changed the default RDP-TCP connection name you can enter it here, not providing the parameter will result in using the default name.
  • Listcert: Lists the certificates in the personal store of the local computer.
  • ListCurrent: Lists all certificates in the personal store of the local computer.

Download the script from here. Version 1.1.

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