PowerShell Module Test-TCPConnection

I have this love versus disappointment relationship with PowerShell. It can provide a lot of great stuff for us in automation, but sometimes the thing that looks likes the best ever since sliced bread can be a bit of a disappointment. Take the cmdlet “Test-NetConnection” for example. It’s absolutely wonderful in what it does. It assists you in doing a network diagnosis with just a single command. Much more than you could ever get out of just a simple icmp ping. However, the latter is just the problem with this PowerShell cmdlet. You cannot run it without it using a ping. The real downside to that is when the port is not available, blocked by a firewall or something else is blocking it, you have to wait for it to get a time out. And that takes time, a lot of time. If it was just for one host, I could live with it, but if you need to figure out if 200 servers are reachable, you are going to be in the office for a while. Hence the creation of my ever first cmdlet!

Based on my disappointment for the “Test-NetConnection” cmdlet and my desire to learn more on PowerShell I created my first cmdlet that does exactly what “Test-NetConnection” does with respect to a port query but without the icmp ping involved. I have dubbed it “Test-TCPConnection”, because, well that it what it does. Being the nerd that I am, I have included a full help in the module itself but I will list on my site as well. Use “help Test-TCPConnection –Online” to connect to the online help page.

To make the “Test-TCPConnection” module work, extract the folder and place it in your PowerShell Modules folder. Use the following command to see your individual module path’s.

$env:PSModulePath -Split ";"

After reloading your PowerShell environment, the module will be loaded automatically. You can check the commands the module exposes with:

Get-Command -Module TestTCPConnection


Getting the syntax is easily accomplished with:

Get-Command Test-TCPConnection -Syntax


Any feedback is always appreciated. Use the comment option down below or send me a message using the contact page.

Download version from the PowerShell Gallery:

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