philipsSecurity Engineer Digital Pathology Solutions

As of June 2016 my role is Systems Security Engineer at Philips Digital Pathology Solutions (DPS). These medical devices provide capabilities for storing, processing and access management to high resolution digital images for pathological research. Amongst my duties are vulnerability management, system hardening and overall system security for the DPS products. Technologies I manage are:

  • Azure Cloud
  • Operations Management Suite
  • Desired State Sonfiguration Management
  • Hybrid Management
  • Security Technology Information Guidance Management
  • Checklist management
  • Security benchmarking
  • Translating security requirements into policy
  • Continues patch management
  • Vulnerability management
  • Automate system deployment

microsoft Senior Premier Field Engineer – Cyber Security

As a Senior PFE (Premier Field Engineer) I guide middle to large organizations to work in the most optimized way with Microsoft software. My area of expertize is Windows Security with a specialization in end device protection.
Premier Field Engineering is a part of the Microsoft services organization. Our primary focus is to support, guide and educate customers that have Microsoft Premier Support and either provide a proactive or reactive service. Our motto throughout the organization is, get healthy, and stay healthy emphasizing the proactive part. In my role as Senior Premier Field Engineer (PFE) I execute security assessments of Windows based environments, educate IT administrators in using our products, help customers with Windows platform security challenges and create new services that, in turn, can help others to accelerate in their work. Next to that I mentor new colleagues throughout the Microsoft organization, which can be a bit overwhelming at first.
Coincidently at the time of my transfer from MCS to PFE someone messed up my title to “Premier Field Consultant” which, to my modest opinion, actually covers my skills more specially with my long track record in consultancy.

microsoft Infrastructure Consultant

As a Microsoft Infrastructure Consultant I was actively involved in migrating organizations to a new Windows platform. Mostly based on functional talks, creating designs and implementation guidance.

netappStorage Consultant

My job within NetApp involved helping organizations adopt NetApp’s storage solutions.

atos Technical Architect

Helping the customers of Atos (Origin) to migrate to the desktop concept (NGDT or later AWS). My job involved creating the portfolio of the service and the actual implementation.

Technology Experiences