A Practical Guide In Using AutomatedLab

For security testing purposes I always use a virtual machine as I don’t want the result of my test to influence my local machine or the network that I’m connected to. As such for a long time I’ve been building VM’s manually, creating domains and setting the configuration as needed. As I do advocate automation … Continue reading A Practical Guide In Using AutomatedLab

Managing sudo using Active Directory

In my previous post I explained how you could, in just a few steps, join an Ubuntu machine into an Active Directory domain. After a lot of online and offline feedback (Thanks everyone!) I thought it would be time for a follow-up post. This time I’m addressing centralized management of sudo users. Meaning who can … Continue reading Managing sudo using Active Directory

Join Ubuntu 18.04 to Active Directory

At work, we are building a data ingress environment for analytical purposes. The setup will include both Windows and Linux based machines for managing the infrastructure and data processing. One of my tasks (next to the usual security hardening) was to investigate how we could add the Linux based nodes to the Windows Active Directory … Continue reading Join Ubuntu 18.04 to Active Directory