PowerShell – Help

Last year I had the opportunity to self-educate myself on Microsoft PowerShell. Having had just too little experience with it I thought it was about time to dig in and at least learn the basics. So I bought a book and got started. In the next couple of blog posts I will share my experiences… Continue reading PowerShell – Help

0x800b010e – The revocation process could not continue – the certificate(s) could not be checked

I my line of work, every now and then I run into these unique situations. A few weeks ago we needed to do an application upgrade on a few of our systems. Once we started we got the following message: “0x800b010e – The revocation process could not continue – the certificate(s) could not be checked.”… Continue reading 0x800b010e – The revocation process could not continue – the certificate(s) could not be checked

Enable Schannel logging

To enable logging for Secure Channel logging (Schannel), use the following guide. Add the following registry key: Set one of the following values: 0x0000 Do not log 0x0001 Log error messages 0x0002 Log warnings 0x0004 Log informational and success events When troubleshooting I like to set it to 0x0007 (0x0001 + 0x0002 + 0x0004). Reboot… Continue reading Enable Schannel logging

Custom RDP Certificate on Windows Server 2012 R2

Ever since Windows 2012 the Remote Desktop host tool has been removed from the system, making it more difficult to set a custom certificate. When you're in a domain context it's more likely that you will use GPO's and domain related tools to configure your system, but in my work environment I deal with stand-alone… Continue reading Custom RDP Certificate on Windows Server 2012 R2

Challenges with Disabling 3Des

With the discovery of the sweet32 vulnerability (more at sweet32.info) in 3Des and 64-bit block ciphers in general, we had to see if it was possible to disable 3Des on our devices. You could be thinking, why have it enabled in the first place? Well, on Windows systems it’s enabled by default if you don’t… Continue reading Challenges with Disabling 3Des

Windows Update Error 0x80072ee2

For a while now I’ve been getting timeouts when using Windows updates through our proxy servers. Everything else seems to be working just fine, no complaints on browsing the web, it just seems that whenever I’m using Windows update through the proxy it takes a few times before it's successful. Up until now it wasn’t… Continue reading Windows Update Error 0x80072ee2

32 Bit Processes on 64 Bit Systems

On our systems we apply hardening policies by all kinds of available techniques. Being local policies, PowerShell scripts or classic batch files even. All the settings are eventually applied by a central installer that takes care of the installation, reboots and validation of the settings. Recently on one of our older systems we ran into… Continue reading 32 Bit Processes on 64 Bit Systems

The Microsoft Root Certificate Program

A couple of days ago I had to deal with a situation where our vulnerability tool was complaining that the root certificate store wasn’t updated for a while. After doing some research it turned out that the update service for the Microsoft root certificate program was blocked. That in turn triggered me to dig into… Continue reading The Microsoft Root Certificate Program